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Digital Management Technologies

IoT solution for commercial building management.  Digital Management Technologies offers its customers to monitor, maintain and efficiently use a variety of equipment and HVAC systems.

What We Do

DMT looks to revolutionise the IoT for commercial building management

Managing HVAC systems can be a difficult task but DMT wants to make it easier, giving business managers and technicians the ability to extend equipment lifespan, be more energy efficient and boost productivity.

What We Offer


Custom Built Device

With special hardware, web-application and real-time data tracking, DMT provides solution that increases comfort of workers in the building, shows trends, decreases energy costs and prolongs lifespan of equipment


Simple and Real-Time

DMT is the perfect IoT solution for HVAC equipment. It offers a simple user interface and real-time monitoring capabilities to keep your HVAC running smoothly and efficiently in any environment.


Broader Ecosystem

DMT is a revolutionary new IoT solution for HVAC equipment that helps you save time and money. It provides users with a simple way to connect equipment from different brands and get a low-cost alternative to classical BMS solutions.


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Device Logs

Our device logs and history feature allows you to quickly access records of your system's performance. This makes it easy to identify and address any problems that may arise.


Alerts and Notifications

With our solution, you can easily monitor and control your system remotely, set up alerts and notifications to be notified when there is an issue, and analyze performance data to make sure your system is running optimally.


Remote Control Panel

Our IoT solution provides users with a simple and intuitive user interface, allowing them to remotely access and control their system from any device. 



Our IoT solution includes an automation module. You can also use the automation module to schedule automatic adjustments or adjustments based on criteria an logic.


3 Giorgi Chikvaidze St., Tbilisi, Georgia


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